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Sponsor Licence and Audit Service


What do you need to know?

In order for migrants to work in the UK they need a working visa.

However, if business owners wish to they may sponsor a migrant in order to employ them directly. In this case the business owner will need to obtain a sponsor licence, which proves that the migrant has a genuine job to come to in the UK.

By sponsoring a non UK worker the business owner assumes certain responsibilities, including ensuring that the migrant remains in employment for the duration of their sponsorship. The business owner also pledges to comply with record keeping, reporting duties and relevant compliance issues, as well as co-operating with any requests from the Home Office.

Sponsor licences are valid for four years, after which time they will need to be renewed in order for the migrant to remain in the UK. If you have sponsored a non UK worker into the country you will be sent a reminder notice by the UK Home Office prior to renewal.

When you first apply for a sponsor licence you will be given an A or B rating. If you have a B rating (meaning that you pose a risk of recruiting illegal migrants into the UK), you will be issued an action plan to help you achieve an A rating.

We, have many years of experience in advising and guiding employers on how to apply for the licence and how to prepare for a Home Office Compliance Audit.

Over the years we have acted for the following industries:-

Advertising/Public Relations;
Gas & Oil;
Manufacturing, Misc;
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing;

To find out more about what a sponsor licence costs and how to ensure that you receive an A rating, please contact us for a free consultation.

Shabana does offer free initial telephone consultation and is able to offer her expertise in this area of law.

Legal guidance at a glance:

  • Advice on the Sponsor Licence requirements
  • Advice on UK Company Compliance Requirements
  • Advice on Home Office Compliance Inspection
  • Support for UK Companies Audits
  • Sponsor Licence (SMS) Training

Sponsor License Audit Services

This service is invaluable to Employers holding a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Sponsor Licence.

I offer a service which focuses on ensuring that you are compliant with the laws and regulations as set out under the UK Immigration Act 2006.

As the licence has a life line of 4 years from the date it is approved, it will only be valid for 4 years. The Home Office will only send 4 reminders to the person list in the organisation as the Sponsor Licence, Authorising Officer, and the Key Contact on the Sponsor license.

The organisation can apply for an extension to the sponsor license just before it expires for a further 4 years, but you must apply before your license expires.

You cannot apply for the Sponsor License to be extended, once the Sponsor Licence has expired, and you cannot appeal to the Home Office to “reinstate” the Sponsor License if you miss the deadline for the license to be extended.

Once you have submitted your request to have your Sponsor License extended, and paid the Home Office Fee, your application will remain under consideration with the Change of Circumstances Team – Home Office, your current license will remain valid until you receive a letter from the Home Office that your Sponsor Licence has been approved and extended.

Sponsor License Audit Service

Your Sponsor License will only be approved if:

1. Your organisation has maintained all the laws, regulations set out under the UK Immigration Act 2006;
2. Your orgainsation has kept all the documents provided as part of your application to become a licensed sponsor, which must be kept for the duration of the period covered by your licence;

If you are inspected by the Home Office (the Inspector does not have to give you notice of attendance to the Organisaton), and you have not met the above 2 requirements, your license will be suspended and in some cases revoked, the Home Office can fine you for noncompliance and any beaches the inspector finds.

You can read about the current quarterly figures from the Home Office on current fines imposed: –

I can offer an in-depth on-site Audit, which will entail the following: –

1. Audit of all your documents held;
2. Advice and Training to the Authorising Officer and Level 1 user;
3. Workers Records Held;
4. A write up report with a follow-up visit.

Your on-site audit is likely to take most of the day, and this may involve a follow-up if you require one. You are liable to lose your Sponsor Licence for noncompliance, and are advised to contact me today to book your Audit today.

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