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Immigration advisers are regulated by the OISC (Office of Immigration Commissioner) and listed on the Home Office website. The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is the United Kingdom regulatory body which has the responsibility to regulate the immigration advice industry. This is required under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 as amended.

Immigration adviser Shabana Shahab is regulated at Level 1 and has been regulated for over 15 years with the OISC. Shabana is available to talk on a one to one basis if you have questions on:

  • immigration applications,
  • enquiries on immigration documents
  • or immigration legal requirements that you have to meet.

Shabana has OISC Accreditation, ensuring that she is fit and competent and will act in your best interest if you instruct her and become her client. OISC is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Home Office.

COVID 19 NOTICE to Clients – As a leading Immigration Law firm we are dedicated to supplying a service to all existing and new clients. We are working from home and ask that you consider a 2-hour response turnaround to your enquiry.

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    Immigration Advice

    As a competent Immigration Advisor Shabana Shahab is therefore placed on the Home Office register as a vetted, assessed and professionally insured Immigration consultant. Shabana is prepared to speak with you today for 30 minutes free, in order to guide your immigration application requirements.
    Immigration Advice will be offered to you by Shabana Shahab for 30 minutes in:

    As an Immigration Adviser, you may find that the search engines categorise us under “immigration solicitors” however neither Status Solutions UK or Shabana Shahab is a solicitor. We may appear under the key term purely because as a law firm regulated by the OISC we are offering regulated Immigration legal advice as do Immigration Solicitors.  Shabana Shahab trained with Landau Zeffertt Weir Solicitor (regulated by the Law Society for over 10 years as the Head of Department). Shabana Shahab’s legal training within a regulated Law Society practice, ensured that she was well equipped to act as “Head of the Corporate Immigration Department”.

    Shabana Shahab’s Immigration Law knowledge, expertise, and now as a sole practitioner has developed and her success now is transparent as the reviews you are able to read today.

    As a fee charging Immigration Consultancy, both the OISC and the Home Office have audited our practice. They have shown they are both satisfied by granting our licence that Shabana Shahab has supplied our clients with written advice, clarity on the fees they have paid and work to be undertaken.

    Contact Shabana Shahab on 01634789223 or email on:-

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected] [Emergence] 

    Immigration Adviser FAQS

    Yes, the company was set up in 2003, and has been offering Immigration Legal Advice for over 15 years.

    You will find a regulated Immigration Adviser will have a unique Licence number, this must be stated on their website, stationery and signatures or emails. Advisers face criminal offence if offering unregulated immigration advice.

    Yes, they are the same role and are termed according to preference but not solicitors, although some regulated OISC Consultants do work in Solicitors practices.  You must ensure that you know who will be acting, representing you at the Home Office, if you engage with a large immigration consultancy practice. We are often told by disappointed clients that they have no idea whom is dealing with their application and sometimes you may not have knowledge as to whom is acting for you. If you are concerned and would like advice, please call Shabana Shahab today.

    Not at all, there are some Immigration Consultants that work in “charities” mostly offering advice in humanitarian applications, refugees on welfare benefits, etc. We are not a charity and do not offer advice to refugee or discretionary leave applicants at this stage. It is important when you contact Immigration Advisory Service, Immigration Consultancy you request clarification upon what basis practice is operating. Status Solutions UK is Immigration Status and offers Immigration 30 minutes free Consultation upon request.

    1. Immigration Adviser Shabana Shahab, will firstly take you primary details, and nationality.
    2. You will be asked what your immigration in the UK is?
    3. You will be asked about any key important dates e.g. when your leave in the UK expires?
    4. You will be asked what your enquiry is about, and notes will be taken?
    5. You will then be advised based on the information you have supplied?
    6. Should you wish an email regarding the detailed conversation, you will be charged a fee of minimum £180.
    7. We do not offer Home Office contact numbers and request that you do not engage with our Immigration Adviser for Home Office contact numbers or the Government Processing Fee scale. This is information available free on the Home Office website.

    Yes, the Home Office will accept Immigration legal representation from an OISC regulated adviser.

    The decision is yours, seek advice from both, and judge yourself as to whom you feel comfortable with, as both are equally regulated, and both equally hold Professional Indemnity Cover, both are equally regulated to act in your best interest.

    You can contact the Immigration Adviser directly, you may also read reviews about the work they have undertaken, think about what you are wanting and your reasons for contacting an Immigration Adviser and how the advice was given. Did the advisor understand your question? Did the Immigration Advice given make sense? Has the advice helped you to decide whether or not you will like the Immigration Adviser to act for you?

    Call Shabana Shahab today, 01634 789 223 we hope your experience is helpful, thoughtful and encourages you to instruct her today….

    Immigration Adviser Reviews

    See some of our reviews about Shabana Shahab, who will be your lead consultant, her wealth of experience and client management skills is a reflection of why many spouse cases, have been successfully managed before the Home Office.

    Matt Bewick
    Read More
    After spending days phoning the Home office and various other immigration advisors I stumbled upon this gem, and I truly mean this. I have paid out huge sums of money in the past for help with visit visa and have always been hugely disappointed. I phoned today for free advice concerning a fiancée visa and the financial requirements, I was put through to Shabana. I cannot speak highly enough of the impression she gave me during our conversation. At last. Someone that spoke sense, gave me all the time I needed, gave me concise and accurate advice that I will be following to the letter. What more could you ask for? Many thanks.
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    Hannah Abdulai
    Read More
    My husband and I came to Status Solutions UK after our former solicitor made a complete hash of our visa application. We were desperate and very anxious. The professionals at Status Solutions set our expectations from the start and were a very calming force during this period of turbulence and uncertainty in our lives. Status Solutions UK went above and beyond the call of duty and obtained the best possible outcome. Today we have put all that behind us and we are building our future. I would recommend them a thousand times over - they are the best!
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    Mrs Paula Morrison
    Read More
    My family and I can not put into words how grateful we are to the staff at Status Solutions. They have helped us through Spouse, right to remain visa's and now currently citizenship. Before I contacted SS I was getting frustrated and disheartened with all responses I received regarding anything to do with immigration. Status Solutions not only gave me clear, honest information but they took all the stress and worry away. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that you have professionals working WITH you, when dealing with such a sensitive matter. I have been overwhelmed with how dedicated the staff are to ensuring all your questions and worries are answered. I have always felt that each staff member has time for you, never rushing or putting anything aside. There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend Status Solutions to anyone with any immigration matters. I personally would like to thank Shabana and Jodie they have been my lifeline, and will never stop thanking them for everything they do.
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    Elite Properties
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    I was recommended to status solutions about 9 years ago and I must say, that was the best recommendation I ever had. As a business I always wanted straight answer and solutions to immigration problems, and Shabana always give the best possible solution and attention to detail. If she cant find a solution no one can. Highly recommended.
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    Immigration Advice
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