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In order to apply for a Tier 2 work visa which enables the applicant to legally reside and work in the UK, it is important to first understand the 5 tiers in UK immigration process for workers outside the EU zone. The points based 5 tier system was set up to facilitate UK immigration applications from 2010.

In order to gain a work visa and applicant must achieve the necessary number of point required for the particular visa they are applying for. Points are awarded relative to the skills, qualifications, ability, age and experience of each applicant. The number of points required for your application is decided by which tier you are applying under.

From January 2021 once the UK officially exits the EU,  free movement for EU citizens in the UK will no longer be possible and the tier system will be in use for EU and non EU applicants.

If you are currently resident within or outside the UK and require a tier 2 visa allow our team of immigration specialists to help you during the application process.

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Tier 2 General Visa Requirements

The Tier 2 visa application is intended for ‘skilled workers’ who have been offered employment in the UK.  This includes individuals who are migrating to the UK via inter company transfers, professional sports people, ministers of religion and professions where there is a shortage of skilled labour in the UK.

If you are a spouse, civil partner, child or dependant under the age of 18 of a successful tier 2 applicant you may also be eligible for the right to remain within the UK.

Tier 2 General Visa Application

The tier 2 visa application process is rigorous and can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with the most current UK legislation. We are able to help applicants and their families from start to finish with the tier 2 application process. From helping to collate and upload information and legal documents through to representation in the case of application refusals.

The tier 2 system has been designed to prioritise high-skilled, high paid workers and can present issues for non-English speaking low skilled applicants.

Wherever you are based in the UK, get in touch for an obligation free consultation with our Tier 2 visa advisors who will be able to explain the process and start the application on your behalf.

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Tier 2 General Work Visa FAQs

You will be required to apply for a Tier 2 visa if you have been offered work by a licensed sponsor and intend to work in the UK and currently resident outside of the EEA (European Economic Area) or Switzerland.

Your licensed sponsor is required to be a UK registered company. It is their responsibility to ensure that you are qualified for the job you are being sponsored for, and to qualify you for a Tier 2 visa. Once this process is complete you will be awarded a certificate of sponsorship for us to process as part of your application.
Yes, If you are a migrant currently resident in the UK  and wanting to take up employment, the Tier 2 visa will be required for you to reside permanently in the UK. Contact us to check whether you are eligible to switch to the tier 2 visa status.

Tier 2 general visas are available for 3 or 5 years periods. The length of your visa duration will depend on the period of time applied for by your employer.

The tier 2 general dependant visa, also known as the Points Based Dependant Visa, is available to the spouse, and children of the main tier 2 general status visa holder. Points based Dependant visa holders will be granted settlement if their visa was granted at the same time as the main tier 2 visa holder.

Yes, if an employee has not checked their tier 2 status with their employers, and has not been authorised they are liable to a civil penalty and may be refused a tier 2 visa. The employer will be committing a criminal offence if they knowingly employ an illegal worker or employ an illegal worker where they have reasonable cause to believe that the worker does not have the right to work in the UK.

Home Office guidance states that employers have a “grace period” after the transfer of a migrant worker in which to carry out the appropriate checks regarding the employee status.

When transferring an employee’s right to work, the employer should, transfer a visa within a prespecified time period.

Following a visa transfer the employer is obliged to check and retain a copy of up to two legal documents, from a prescribed list, and take reasonable steps to verify their authenticity.

For employers using our visa service to check the Tier 2 status of potential employees, we are able to check the applicant’s documents in person or via the Home Office Right To Work service.

Once you have arranged a consultation with one of our Tier 2 immigration lawyers, we would advise you read the general sponsor guidance notes which are applicable to all Tier 2 and Tier 5 applicants as well as important information on assigning a certificate of sponsorship to a contract for employers. As these notes are only guidance we would recommend the meeting with us to go over your application, as despite the guidance you are unable to challenge final Home Office decisions

Yes, if you are hoping to make a Tier 2 visa application your employer, will be required to produce a sponsorship certificate on your behalf. If your employer is unsure of this process please get in touch on 01634 789 223.

Your UK Sponsor & Licence holder will assign a certificate (work permit) to you if you qualify to switch in-country; this is called an unrestrictive certificate of sponsor. If you have been offered employment as a national from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and live outside these areas, you will be assigned a restrictive certificate of sponsor.

Tier 2 General Visa Client Testimonials

Please take a moment to read some of the testimonials we have received about our Tier 2 Visa work. Our wealth of experience and knowledge of the application process is reflected in the number of successful General Visa applications we have worked completed.

Majid Emad
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“I am very pleased with the outcome, I was at the edge of my seat, as were my staff for you, ” Shabana said with her voice full of excitement. It all started way back in 2015 when I was applying to switch from my tier 4 student to a tier 2 general visa. My employer and I had little or no experience with the tier 2 visa application process or requirements. We encountered a problem relating to the SOC code and its minimum salary requirements. Anxious and distressed about my application, I looked on Google Maps for the best OISC Regulated UK immigration experts around me. Status Solutions UK came up with very good reviews. Without a thought, I called the number. I was immediately put through to Shabana and I explained the situation to her. Shabana offered me verbal advice and pointed me in the right direction. When I turned around and passed this information to my employer, they requested to speak to Shabana as they needed to trust that the advice was coming from a professional party. Shabana called my employer and offered them verbal advice. My application was approved for 3 years and Shabana refused any fees for her time and effort. Fast forward to 2018, my tier 2 visa application extension was refused due to naivety on my and my employer’s part AGAIN. I had 14 days to leave the country and my visa had lapsed. Panic-struck, I remembered Shabana and the support she provided me with 3 years ago. I called up to speak to her and it felt like it was yesterday that we had spoken. Shabana vaguely remembered my application from 2015 and her phone call to my employer. I explained the situation to her and she knew exactly what I had done wrong with the application. She also had a plan of action within 30 mins of reading my refusal letter. Shabana, once again verbally advised myself and my employer her plan of action and what had to be done immediately to warrant my temporary right of stay in the UK. My application took six months, probably one of the longest application processing times. Shabana suggested what I could do to speed up my processing times and advised my company what they could do too. Once again, Status Solutions UK offered me free legal advice. On March 26, 2019 I received my approval letter and I couldn’t be more thankful for Shabana’s help and support. A few things to note about Status Solutions UK is that you won’t have to stay on hold for ages till you speak to someone with legal expertise. The reception staff are very friendly and also take the time to help you. Finally, there’s nothing in the immigration law Shabana doesn’t know about. She won’t beat around the bushes, she will say it like it is. Status Solutions UK saved my future and career by helping with my visa application.
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“Dear Status Solutions UK, thank you very much for sorting out my Tier 2 General visa. For reader, let me explain, I was in very deep waters when my employers got things wrong with my certificate of sponsor, I was served with removal orders and. Had the terrible task of signing on at the Removal Centre - London. I thought my work and life was about to end and I would have to face returning back home. After having lived and worked in the UK for over 8 years. I was very worried and dint understand why things were collapsing in front of my eyes and couldn’t.Understand the processes until my employers decided to instruct Shabana Shahab – of Status Solutions UK. Shabana Shahab explained in detail what had happened and why things had gone so terribly wrong, she outlined a plan of action, and also explained that there was.Absolutely no guarantee that the Home Office would change their mind. However, it was her honesty, integrity and calming communication skills that helped me to deal with.The nightmare I faced. Shabana Shahab was able to resolve my complicated matter. I cannot thank you enough for sorting this out, may I also add, that her staff at Status.Solutions UK treated me with the absolute care and compassion that one would expect when faced with the horror of a notice of removal from the UK…. Thanks to Ann….Alex and Shirley for always ensuring that I was able to voice my needs and concerns to Shabana, I was very impressed when I received responses to my concerns even.Out of hours…. So thank you once again. I recommend Status Solutions UK those that have lost hope and cannot find an honest, compassionate UK Immigration and Nationality Law Expert and to some extent “counsellor”. Good luck.'dinesh madhawa”.
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Sophie K
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Shabana and Status Solutions UK recently assisted us with a Tier 2 (General) Visa renewal. She offered clear, accurate and timely advice and was invested 100% in ensuring a successful outcome. I would definitely recommend using her for visa and immigration needs.
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Donovan Da Silva
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Once again a huge thank you to Shabana and all her staff. It was time to renew our Tier 2 work visa and once again the service was outstanding. From the calm professional manner in which everything was dealt with and all the advice we were given. When things got complicated and we started to panic Shabana's words to me were stop panicking look at my face when I start to panic you can. Once again we got our money's worth, service was excellent and professional. Once again a BIG thank you and we will be back for the team to do Our Leave to remain.
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Nikki More
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Shabana from Status Solutions was extremely efficient and very helpful throughout the process of helping us to successfully obtain two Tier 2 General Visas. Many thanks again for all your hard work and help!
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