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Business Immigration Services

If you are a foreign national or organisation wanting to become economically active in the UK, our business immigration services are ideal to help you navigate through the process.

We can collate information and apply for UK work permits, tier 2 visas and sponsorship license applications on your behalf.

We advise on visa applications for professional trades, employers, entrepreneurs and private investors on all aspects of business immigration to the UK. Whether you require short or long-term business visas from inside or outside the European Union, our experienced immigration lawyers can help process and complete your visa application.

We provide a free initial assessment to establish which business immigration services are to be implemented and can complete administrative review notices on your behalf if required.

Our immigration service will prepare the documents required to support your case and upload your application per the Home Office OISC regulations. We can serve notices under administrative review and provide written legal advice to support your application.

Our business immigration rates begin at £180.00 per hour.

Immigration Services for Business

Business Immigration Consultant

If your business is located outside the European Union we are able to act on your behalf to procure a business sponsor visas for tier 1 and tier 2 applicants.

Tier one visas are available to non-EU nationals who are making a substantial financial investment in the UK, this includes businessman, investors, writers, composers, artists and self-employed individuals. Although the criteria are quite straightforward the application itself carries many stipulations which are where our business immigration specialist lawyers can help to get your application completed correctly with all the information required.

Tier 2 general visas are designed to attract skilled non-EU workers to the UK. Our immigration service can help to collate and submit the necessary information and documents to the Home Office in order to attain a tier 2 work permit on your behalf. Even if you are outside of the UK we are happy to correspond via email to help prepare your case. Get in touch via our contact page or send an email to [email protected].

Business Immigration Services FAQs

The tiered points based system for business immigration to the UK is aimed at entrepreneurs and investors with over £200,000 or more to invest in the United Kingdom. Alternatively employers can apply for a sponsorship licence, so that their employees can apply for a Tier 2 visa once they have been offered a skilled position in the UK and can provide a certificate of sponsorship.

Tier 2 visas can be applied for by skilled workers who are applying for positions that require a skillset that cannot be fulfilled by UK nationals. This includes teachers, nurses engineers and other skilled workers who are able to fill long term skills shortages within the UK.

Our immigration advisors are regulated the Law Society and the OISC. They will study the details of your case and let you know which would be the most suitable business visa to apply for, they will  collate and compile the necessary information on your behalf and keep you notified throughout the process.

Our initial consultation is an obligation free way for you to learn how we can help your immigration case. After this point our fees will be dictated by the complexities of your immigration requirements and the processes we employ to make your visa application. Our rate start from £200.

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