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UK Entertainment Visas Or UK Creative Worker Visa

UK Entertainment Visas And The UK Creative Worker Visa

The Motion Picture Association’s annual THEME Report highlighted shocking figures on how the COVID Pandemic has affected the theatrical and in-home entertainment industry. Astonishingly internationally and nationally, the video industry has been worsted affected.

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Visitors Right To Paid Permitted Work in the UK

Visitors Right To Paid Permitted Work in the UK

Any foreign national can apply for a Visit Visa with the right to carry out paid work in the UK from their country, the most important point is that you must fall within the strict requirements of Paragraph V 13.3 of the Immigration Rules, Visitors cannot work in the UK unless this is expressly allowed under the permitted activities set out in Appendix Visitor: Permitted Activities.

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Can I Still Travel While I am Waiting for a Spouse Visa Image

Can I Still Travel While I am Waiting for a Spouse Visa

The Home Office has come under heavy criticism from applicants awaiting a decision, UK British Nationals waiting for loved ones to join them in the UK have been waiting for over 24 weeks, and there are no signs that the Home Office service levels will get better, last May 2022 an article by Ashitha Nagesh highlighted some of growing concerns applicants were experiencing.

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