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Can I Still Travel While I am Waiting for a Spouse Visa

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The Home Office has come under heavy criticism from applicants awaiting a decision, UK British Nationals waiting for loved ones to join them in the UK have been waiting for over 24 weeks, and there are no signs that the Home Office service levels will get better, last May 2022 an article by Ashitha Nagesh highlighted some of growing concerns applicants were experiencing…she reported…

“…according to a crowdsourced spreadsheet containing the details of more than 200 couples – set up by an applicant in Los Angeles and shared with BBC News – some have been waiting more than double the expected time……

We can prepare your Spouse’s Visa documents, assess them, and ensure that your entry to the UK is managed with clarity, ease and efficiency, let us bring you together today, so what do you need to know:-

Spouse Visa takes 6 months to process; why?

Historically, the spouse visa, marriage visa, and all family-related entry visas tock between 8 to 12 weeks, most TLC Centers would state that decision would take 12 weeks at best, but this timeline came to a speedy end towards the middle of 2022, but why? Covid 19 became an official pandemic in the UK on 11 March 2020, whilst originally starting in Wuhan China in 2019, the British Government under Boris did not bring lockdown restrictions until the following March 2020, millions of couples although offered concessions to regularise their partners status from within the UK visa the Home Office Covid Exceptional Assurance Unit, such concessions also ended in June 2021, unless family members could offer compelling reasons outside of the Home Office rules.

Additional international political events have further affected the ability of all TLC Centers to reduce their turnaround time, all family-related applications take 24 weeks to process, and the fast-track service is not available just yet.

Can a Spouse still travel after submitting their application from abroad?

Yes and yes again, all applicants from overseas can submit their documents online, the Home Office does not require your original documents…some TLS Centers most of them will allow you to retain your passports if you are prepared to pay an additional government processing fee. The good news is that your partner can still travel outside their country while waiting for a decision on their UK Spouse Visa, BUT your spouse must not enter the UK or Northern Ireland until they have been granted entry a Spouse but you can still meet in Europe, and the Republic of Ireland, you can still have close connections while awaiting the outcome. If your partner is from India, Brazil, Thailand, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, or New Zealand [if your spouse’s nationality is not listed call us for directions] then they can travel to Southern Ireland or Europe on holiday and spend time with you, you do not have to be apart for 6 months.

Can a Spouse still travel while waiting for their Spouse’s visa decision while abroad?

Yes, but the applicant’s spouse can not enter the UK or Northern Ireland while they are waiting for the outcome of their application as explained above. If you enter the UK while your family member’s application is under consideration in their country’s TLS Centre or commonly known as the UK Visa Centre, the application is automatically terminated, cancelled out because your partner has breached the immigration rules, by entering the Common Travel Area [CTA] Which includes the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, before a decision is made on their application, can have their application treated as withdrawn by the Home Office; paragraph 34K Where a decision on an application for permission to stay has not been made and the applicant travels outside the common travel area their application will be treated as withdrawn on the date the applicant left the common travel area; of the Immigration Rules”….

How can Shabana Shahab help your partner apply for a Spouse Visa?

Shabana has represented hundreds of couples, and nationalities, many of that have been refused spouse visas, this is what one client wrote in their review about her work..” Today we received the great news that my wife has been granted permanent leave to remain thanks to the extremely professional work of Shabana at Immigration Status. My wife came to live with me in the UK in 2016 and we found the visa application process very stressful due to the previous two immigration lawyers’ lack of professionalism and poor communication skills which led to her 2-year application being submitted right at the last minute. Our experience left us lacking any confidence, so when it came time to apply for PLR I didn’t know who to turn to and spent lots of time searching for someone locally to no avail. I eventually decided to put out a request using Bark and we were promptly contacted over the phone by Shabana who was extremely patient and reassuring. She was very knowledgeable and set out the application process whilst reassuring me that she would not let us down when it came to communicating with us as and when necessary. I can genuinely say that I and my wife are very pleased with the work done by Shabana and would not hesitate to recommend her services and use her again in the future.

You can read more of our reviews here.

What documents will we require and how should we send them to you?

You can email Shabana directly at [email protected], explain what your background circumstances are and send her the following documents; Your full contact details including your contact number, copy of your partner’s passport data page, your British Passport data page, marriage certificate, and children’s passport data pages, Shabana will assess your UK Spouse Visa Case free of charge, Shabana can give you 10 minutes free UK Spouse Visa Advice

The Home Office has stated in response to growing concerns with delays…..

“We are prioritising Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine applications in response to the humanitarian crisis caused by [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, so applications for study, work and family visas have taken longer to process,” an official told BBC News.

“We are working at pace to ensure these are issued as quickly as possible.”

Call us today for support at 01634789223.

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