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Immigration Emergency Advice

What do you need to know about Immigration Emergency Advice?

Immigration emergency advice is a paid service, involving the giving of urgent Immigration advice because:

  • your Immigration Visa has expired
  • you have lost your immigration status documents
  • you have received a refusal letter from the Home Office
  • your permission to work has been curtailed
  • you have been arrested and are awaiting removal from the UK by the relevant professional.

Legal guidance at a glance:

  • Advise on your Rights
  • Assessment of your Claim Free
  • Assessment of Good Character
  • Prepare documents in support of claim
  • Prepare your Naturalisation Application
  • Keep you informed of all developments

Emergency Advice on Immigration

Immigration emergency advice do not always involve removal from the UK, although this is a common thought, concern you will have if faced with one of the above situations.

Many Immigration emergencies do exist and can range from:

  • Your visa has expired
  • You are unable to meet the legal requirements on time, such as the English Language Test or the Life in the UK test
  • The Home Office may have refused your leave in the UK
  • Your visa has been curtailed

All of these situations require an individual response and urgent Immigration Advice that is unique to the situation. Depending on your Immigration Emergency your options will vary. Failing to respond to a Home Office enquiry within their appointed deadline can also be considered an emergency as these can impact on whether you will still be allowed to lawfully live and work in the UK.

All Immigration emergencies should be treated under the supervision or guidance of a regulated Immigration Adviser professional in order to act in your best interest, to ensure that your rights under Article 8 – humanitarian rights are protected.

By contrast, a seeking emergency immigration services such as a “same day service” appointment with the Home Office is often more precisely defined as a service of choice, especially if your visa has not expired, one which presents no immediate threat of removal.

If you are detained facing removal, please reconsider contacting a Level 3 Adviser.

We cannot advise on removal decisions from the Home Office.

We cannot advise on applications deemed outside of the Immigration Rules.

We cannot advise on Refuges Applications.

Matters we are able to advise you on:

  • same day service immigration applications
  • urgent immigration application within the rules
  • urgent replies to the Home Office on your behalf
  • loss of travel documents
  • investigate delayed considerations from the Home Office
  • re-submission of entry clearance applications
  • curtailment matters regarding Tier 2 General status holders

Immigration Emergency Advice FAQS

Immigration Adviser do offer emergency consultations to provide short term response to the Home Office on your behalf to perhaps request an extension of time to supply documents, followed by detailed representation on your behalf to the Home Office.

In an emergency appointment you could:

  • Be advised urgently regarding your application and merits.
  • Have immediate representation before the Home Office.
  • Have immediate assessment if your documents
  • Have your immigration application and support documents sent urgently by us.
  • Be referred to specialist services where appropriate.
  • Simply be given advice.

Unless you are faced with any of the situations below, you do not need emergency immigration advice:

  • Home Office Refusal by writing
  • Visa Expired
  • Travel Document lost and leave expired
  • Curtailment from the Home Office
  • Detained (we will advise you to the appropriate experts)
  • Facing Removal (we will advise you to the appropriate experts)
  • Have not taken the English Language Test in time
  • Have failed the Life in the UK Test or not taken the test on time
  • Refused entry to the UK
  • Cannot access your current Legal Representative

You can contact and speak with Shabana Shahab our Immigration Adviser during normal hours.

This link will take you to our contact page, for details for our practice, and our receptionists will be happy to help with your query.

Emergency Immigration advice: things to remember.

You should complete our contact form, email any letters or decisions from the Home Office prior to contacting the urgent service.

If you receive emergency immigration advice you will be asked to sign a form to confirm you understand that you will be charged a fixed fee of £180, and it is a good idea to bring any documentation with you. It is your responsibility to provide accurate information, if you make a mistake, or fail to supply all the information required you will be responsible for the outcome of your immigration matter.

You will need to complete a travel history form, bringing a list of any documents you wish to rely upon is a good idea.

You will be granted 60 minutes, for the adviser to take formal instructions to act

Emergency appointment and or telephone conference call will cost £180, whether you act upon the advice or not. It is a good idea to bring any documentation with you as it is your responsibility to provide accurate information.

Whatever emergency advice you receive, it is very likely that a follow up appointment with your immigration adviser. We recommend that you try to arrange this as soon as possible.

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I have to consult Shabana for my visa ILR and my case was slightly complex but I am so greatful to her and her wonderful team who made the whole process look so easy and smooth. She is extremely thorough, very organized and always available on just a phone call. I got my ILR within 3 days of application and that’s her brilliant work. Highly recommend anyone who wants to get tension free for their visas processes and get it done quickly and smoothly Thanks Shabana !:).A very happy customer .
Huma Sheikh - 13 Jan 2020
What an amazing team. From day 1 when we entered Shabana office 8 years we have had nothing but amazing service they helped with our Tier 2 application and now our Leave to Remain. And our situation from day 1 has been complicated. The patience and calm manner that our panic phone calls were dealt with. And thankfully I can say to this amazing team our Leave to Remain has now been granted. So would highly recommend there services.
Yvonne Da Silva - 23 Oct 2019
Status Solutions - Nothing to fault, has helped myself and family on a number of occasions, which has never been straight forward cases. Very grateful for all the time and effort put into our leave to remain which has been granted. Can honestly say I recommend Shabana and the team.
Tracey-Anne Da Silva - 23 Oct 2019
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