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It’s important for individuals to understand their immigration status and get Immigration and Nationality Advice in order to safeguard their livelihood. It is equally important for business owners to understand their legal obligations in order to protect their businesses. The team at Immigration Status UK have been specially picked for both their legal knowledge and their dedication to helping clients achieve the best possible outcome. That is why we offer free telephone advice to help you understand your position and your options.

Immigration law advice is changing. It is vitally important that you speak to somebody who understands the latest legislation. This is why our staff undertake continuous professional development to keep them up to date with the latest developments. We have advisors fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, and Hindi, and we assign one caseworker to every client from start to finish so that you always speak to the same person.

Most importantly, we want to clear up the mystery surrounding what can seem like a very complex legal area. We aim to be able to give everybody we speak to advice that is friendly, caring and professional, in order to help their lives and their businesses run more smoothly.

Shabana Shahab - Lead Immigration Advisor

Headed up by Lead Advisor, Shabana Shahab, Immigration Status UK has been helping both individuals and corporates to navigate all areas of immigration law for many years.

Shabana can offer a wealth of knowledge in UK Immigration & Nationality Law, with over 15 years of experience in this area of law, she has the patience, and ability to give clear and honest advice while ensuring that confidentiality is maintained.

Shabana works mainly as the lead advisor at Level 1 and can be contacted from Monday to Thursday, so call today 01634 789223

Shabana Shahab Immigration and Nationality Advice

Jeanine Harry - Lead Litigation Solicitor

Jeanine has been a criminal and civil litigation solicitor since 2003 and has the added skill of being an effective and impressive advocate.  She is a qualified Higher Rights Advocate in the criminal courts giving her the same rights of audience as a qualified barrister.  Jeanine has worked in both the public and the private sectors.  She has worked as a criminal defence Solicitor-Advocate as well as a prosecution Solicitor-Advocate.  Her cases include representing clients charged with murder appearing at the Old Bailey. Jeanine regularly appeared at Magistrates and Crown Courts around London and the Greater London areas.  After 15 years, her discipline became mostly general Civil Litigation again in both the public and private sectors in and around Kent and South East London.  Her specialisms include debt recovery, consumer disputes and landlord and tenant issues including possession claims.

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Immigration Consultant Work

We have recently provided Immigration Law Advice to clients in:

  • Ashford
  • Chatham
  • Kent
  • London
  • Maidstone
  • Sittingbourne
  • Surrey 

Areas we cover

We cover all of the UK and are available to provide with you Immigration Law Advice wherever you are including: 

  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Glasgow
  • Edinburgh
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle

UK Immigration & Nationality Advice FAQs

You may be a non-EEA National you have been granted permission to live and work in the UK for more than 6 months, you are by law expected to pay this charge.

The Immigration Act 2014 made changes to the charging rules. These changes are two-fold. First, section 39 of the Act changes the meaning of “ordinary residence” in section 175 of the National Health Service 2006 Act as it relates to non-EEA nationals who are subject to immigration control. Since 6 April 2015, such individuals also must have indefinite leave to remain in the UK to be ordinarily resident here. Second, section 38 of the Immigration Act authorised the Home Secretary to introduce an immigration health charge (known as the health surcharge) to be paid by non-EEA nationals, subject to immigration control, who apply to reside temporarily in the UK for six months or longer. The health surcharge is paid at the same time as a visa applicant pays their visa application fee.

There are exemptions from paying the health surcharge for certain people, and the Home Secretary has the discretion to reduce, refund or waive all or part of the health surcharge. The health surcharge is payable for new visa applicants who have made an application for a visa on or after 27 April 2015.

However, do note that the Home Office or UK Visa Centre, will refund this fee, back to you if your application is refused.

To understand which UK Immigration laws have changed and how you will be affected by the change, you should contact us today on 01634 789223

As non-EEA nationals who are subject to immigration control, you need to ensure that you are aware as to when your visa will expire if you are in the UK.

Otherwise, if you are outside of the UK you are not subject to time limitation – unless your UK visa states this condition.

You seek legal advice if your visa has expired.

To understand how you will be affected by the change, you should contact us today on 01634 789223

Status Solutions UK
Ranked 4th out of 161 UK Immigration and Nationality Lawyers
Immigration Status UK was really helpful when it came to my wife getting her spouse visa. Shabana was lovely to work with and went above and beyond to make us feel in safe hands when it came to getting the visa. Getting a visa can be scary and complicated, but Shabana made it simple for us to understand and was there when we needed help, I would highly recommend using immigration Status UK as they are very professional. Talking with Shabana felt like you were talking to a friend which made the whole experience a lot better. I can't thank Shabana enough for all the work and help she has done for me and my wife in getting the Spouse Visa.
Tom Gibson - 10 Apr 2020
I came to the UK in 1995 as a child. My mother settled in the UK, gaining indefinite leave to remain visa for us as a family. I have travelled multiple countries with my visa with no issue. In Jan 2018, I left to go to my home country Kenya for a short trip. Before the trip my mum warned me that her friend with my visa had been delayed in her return to the UK so before leaving, I asked an immigration official if there would be any issues upon my return, she assured me there would be no issue. I asked her to call her superior, who confirmed that there would be no issue. I tried to return after 2 weeks in Kenya however, I was denied entry by the UK immigration officials. They provided no help or explanation. I went to the Embassy where I was not even allowed in the building or given any assistance other than an address to a Visa processing centre. I went to the centre and was told I had to apply for a Visa even though it explicitly states on my Indefinite leave to remain Visa that I do not need to apply for any other visa and I have authority to leave and return with no interference from the UK immigration. After being given the run around by immigration including being advised to apply for the wrong visa (£800) which I was denied for. I finally was able to find the right visa (returning resident) which I subsequently paid the £1000 fee and applied. They denied that visa application stating that I had not provided evidence to prove that I was residing in the UK 2 years prior to leaving. I appealed the decision since I had provided them my work payslips for the 2 years prior to leaving, letter from my work and landlord stating that I was in the UK during that time period. When the 28 days decision time period elapsed, I emailed them asking why I had not received a decision yet on my application. They sent me an email stating that there was a delay in coming to the decision and in 2 weeks they would give me a decision. After the 2 weeks was up, I emailed them again asking for the decision since my flight ticket had expired, they told me they needed 2 more weeks to come to a decision. This continued for many months, so I started contacting lawyers and charities asking if they could assist me pro bono since all my funds was exhausted. All lawyers and charities advised me that unfortunately, since I wasn't in the UK, they would not be able to assist me. Out of the blue I got an email from Shabana who had read my email and stated that she would assist me in any way possible. She straight away asked for all my information to chase up my case. She then emailed my MP and Home office enquiring about my case. By the end of the month, I had my reply from home office stating that I was able to return to the UK. She did not ask for any fees for her help and was just generally thrilled that I could finally continue with my life. I found out from other sources that it is the Home Office tactic to extra judicially strip people of their indefinite to leave to remain visa is to find ways to delay the return of the visa holders until they are 2 years abroad where the visa will be up for review and use that opportunity to cancel the visa and permanently deny the holder of ever getting it back. I was in Kenya for 21 months! So, without the help from Shabana, I would still be in Kenya having to abandon everything in the UK and somehow have to try restart my life there. So, her help prevented me having to rebuild my life from scratch. Highly recommended!
Chris K - 8 Mar 2020
I have to consult Shabana for my visa ILR and my case was slightly complex but I am so grateful to her and her wonderful team who made the whole process look so easy and smooth. She is extremely thorough, very organized and always available on just a phone call. I got my ILR within 3 days of application and that’s her brilliant work. Highly recommend anyone who wants to get tension free for their visas processes and get it done quickly and smoothly Thanks Shabana !:). A very happy customer.
Huma Sheikh - 13 Jan 2020
What an amazing team. From day 1 when we entered Shabana office 8 years we have had nothing but amazing service they helped with our Tier 2 application and now our Leave to Remain. And our situation from day 1 has been complicated. The patience and calm manner that our panic phone calls were dealt with. And thankfully I can say to this amazing team our Leave to Remain has now been granted. So would highly recommend their services.
Yvonne Da Silva - 23 Oct 2019
Status Solutions - Nothing to fault, has helped myself and family on a number of occasions, which has never been straight forward cases. Very grateful for all the time and effort put into our leave to remain which has been granted. Can honestly say I recommend Shabana and the team.
Tracey-Anne Da Silva - 23 Oct 2019
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