Visitors Right To Paid Permitted Work in the UK

Visitors Right To Paid Permitted Work in the UK

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Any foreign national can apply for a Visit Visa with the right to carry out paid work in the UK from their country, the most important point is that you must fall within the strict requirements of Paragraph V 13.3 of the Immigration Rules, Visitors cannot work in the UK unless this is expressly allowed under the permitted activities set out in Appendix Visitor: Permitted Activities.

What Activities Are Defined as Paid Permitted Work

As the intended service supplier and applicant, you need to supply evidence of your area of expertise, you do not necessarily have to show you are an employee supplying a service, you could be self-employed in your country attending to a UK Client as academic expertise, an expert coming to give lectures, overseas designated pilot examiner coming to assess UK-based pilots, a qualified lawyer coming to provide advocacy for a court or tribunal hearing, arbitration, a professional artist, entertainer, or musician coming to carry out an activity directly relating to their profession such as – Dancer, Author, Musician, Recreation Specialist, Rock Climbers or finally Professional Sportsperson coming to carry out an activity directly relating to their profession to offer a service short term, obtaining a Permitted Paid Work Visa from their country will allow them to service a UK client for at least 4 weeks.

Your UK client may not qualify for a Sponsor Licence, but desperately require your expertise, knowledge, or training of their UK staff, applying for the Paid Permitted Work Visa, is the next best option, because the applicant does not qualify under the “Skilled Worker Role”.

Do EU Nationals Qualify For Paid Permitted Work Visas

Yes, It is not necessary for an EU National to hold pre-settled or settled status to then be allowed to work in the UK, there are many ways EU Citizens can enter the UK and work after Brexit for up to a minimum period of 4 weeks paid work, in some exceptional circumstances where the work is seasonal you can request your paid work period to be as long as 6 months. However you must obtain entry clearance – a visa to work from your country of nationality before you start work in the UK, is allowed but you must be paid in your country after the work. This type of visa falls under the “Visit the UK for a Permitted paid Engagement Visa” the most important legal requirement is that you must have an invitation from your UK client requiring your attendance in the UK.

Skilled Worker Visa versus Paid Permitted Work Visas

If you are self-employed in the country where you live and work, and you have been self-employed for over 12 months, if you are able to show that you are servicing a UK Company e.g. service contracts, invoices paid by the UK company, you can apply for a 12 months business visa, and this would be paid work without a skilled worker permit, under the “Visit the UK for a Permitted paid Engagement” rules set out under the UK immigration laws for visitors. You will not be allowed to extend this visa from within the UK, but in some compelling circumstances you can apply for an extension to this permit from your country, you would need to leave the UK to do so. You cannot do paid work unrelated to your main overseas job or area of expertise, study, live in the UK for extended periods, claim public funds (benefits), pass through the UK to another country (‘in transit’), marry or register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or civil partnership – you’ll need to apply for a Marriage Visitor Visa on your return. If you wish to work long term, 3 years or 5 years then you will need to be sponsored by a UK Company under the Skilled Worker Scheme, the UK  company would need to be under the Sponsor Licence Register to then assign the correct Skilled Worker Certificate so that you can seek entry for a longer period, your family members can also apply as your dependants to join you throughout your employment period with the Sponsoring Employer, but do you wish to be restricted to just one company employing you …..

Get a Paid Permitted Work Visa in 5 days

An EU National may work as a journalist, Lawyer, Artist, writer, or engineer in a specialist field, as a professional artist, entertainer or musician, as a professional sportsperson, as a qualified lawyer – to represent a client to give a lecture or series of lectures, as an academic – to be a student examiner or assessor, as an air pilot examiner, you do not require a UK company sponsor, you can choose to sponsor yourself, supply documentation to show what work you are required to undertake by supplying your service agreement with the UK company requiring “your services” or individual requiring your services and apply for a visa to allow you to be paid for your time and service in the UK, an application can be approved within 5 days.

I recently acted for a Community Interest Company which required a specialist rock climbing Trainer to work within their field activity projects, this company did not wish to apply for a sponsor licence but required the French national Rock Climbing Expert/Trainer urgently for a minimum period of 6 months during the summer period in the UK. I submitted a paid permitted visa application with the UK TLS, it was the correct option and it was granted within 5 days of submission. The UK Company was able to allow the French national to bill them for his training sessions, and be paid without having to waste considerable time and expense of a Sponsor Licence, the UK company is now able to invite other Trainers, to work with their company hassle-free. Self-employed EU nationals can work for themselves in the UK for short periods, you will not qualify for pre-settled status but you can have access to your clients in the UK without the pressure of having to be sponsored, so call and find out more about how we can apply for your paid permit visa today.

Can an EU Citizens Register As Self-Employed In The UK.

Yes, you must have settled or pre-settled status, doing so re-affirms your right to live and work in the UK, you will then need to apply for self-employed registration with HMRC, you cannot register if you have a permitted work entry visa, this visa is short-term and you must leave the UK after completing your intended work.

A permitted Work Visa Is A Great Option

Shabana has supported many EU Nationals wanting to work short term in the UK, they only wanted to complete short projects and then return to the EU, you may be a Tattooist, an Expert Tailor, Specialist Landscape Designer, Photographer, DJ, your role may not be listed under the skilled workers’ code, Shabana can advise on the next positive step you can take to applying for a paid permit visa if you have a project to complete in the UK email her today

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