UK Electronic Travel Authorisation starts on the 15 November 2023

UK Electronic Travel Authorisation starts on the 15 November 2023

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UK Electronic Travel Authorisation starts on the 15 November 2023 will takeover from the electronic visa waiver programme.

An electronic travel authorisation (ETA) will soon be a requirement for people who do not need a visa to come to the UK. It will give you permission to travel to the UK, and it will be electronically linked to your passport.

You’ll need an ETA to: come to the UK for up to 6 months for tourism, visiting family and friends, business or study come to the UK for up to 3 months on the Creative Worker visa concession transit through the UK – including if you’re not going through UK border control.

For the moment this new system of seeking entry to the UK will be electronically linked passport holders of nationals from:





Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates

Electronic Travel Authorisation – for the UK

Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) requirements can vary from country to country, as each country that implements an ETA system will have its own specific rules and procedures. ETAs are typically used to pre-screen travellers before they arrive in a country, allowing the country to determine their eligibility for entry. Here are some general points regarding ETA requirements:


ETAs are often required for travellers who are visiting a country for tourism, business, or short-term purposes, and who come from countries that have a visa-exemption agreement with the destination country. The specific eligibility criteria can vary, including factors like nationality, purpose of travel, and intended length of stay.

Online Application:

Typically, travellers need to apply for an ETA online through an official government website or a designated online platform. The application process may require providing personal information, passport details, travel itinerary, and other relevant information.

Processing Time:

The processing time for an ETA application can vary, but it’s usually relatively quick, often taking a few minutes to a few days. Some countries offer expedited processing for an additional fee.

Approval or Denial:

After submitting an ETA application, travellers will receive a response indicating whether their application has been approved or denied. Approved ETAs are usually electronically linked to the traveller’s passport.


ETAs typically have a limited validity period, allowing travellers to enter the country for a specific duration. The validity period may vary depending on the country and the purpose of travel.

Multiple Entries:

Some ETAs allow for multiple entries within their validity period, while others may be single-entry only. It’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions of the ETA for your destination.


There is usually a fee associated with applying for an ETA. The fee amount can vary depending on the country and the type of ETA (e.g., tourist ETA, business ETA).

Extension: In some cases, it may be possible to extend the ETA’s validity while you are in the country, but this also varies by destination.


Travelers granted an ETA must comply with the terms and conditions associated with it, such as the permitted length of stay and the purpose of the visit. Overstaying an ETA can result in penalties or future travel restrictions.


If you plan to leave and re-enter the country after your ETA has expired, you may need to reapply for a new ETA, depending on the country’s rules.

Please note that the specific requirements and procedures for an ETA can change over time and may differ from country to country. To obtain accurate and up-to-date information on ETA requirements for your specific destination, it’s crucial to consult the official government website of the country you intend to visit or contact the nearest embassy or consulate.

In September 2021, the United Kingdom had implemented the Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW) system for citizens of certain countries who wanted to visit the UK for short stays. The EVW allowed eligible travellers to apply online for permission to enter the UK for tourism, business, or other short-term purposes without obtaining a traditional visa.

You can be refused a Electronic Travel Authorisation, in which case an application for entry clearance visa with need to be sent to the nearest visa centre.

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