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EEA Permanent Residency 2020 Changes


Is this the end of exercising Treaty Rights in the UK?

As we wait to learn what the future holds for British Nationals hoping to continue trading and touring in Europe, the fate of European Nationals living and working in the UK has been sealed. EEA nationals intending to stay in the UK may choose to apply for the new improved status which opens in 2019 called “settled status” or a “pre-settled status”.

Permanent residence or a Residence certificate will no longer be valid in 2020. Your settled status application right to apply, under “The EU Settlement Scheme” will open fully by March 2019. The deadline for applying will be 30 June 2021.

As a family member of an EEA national, you may be able to apply after this date if you’re joining a family member with settled or pre-settled status in the UK.

Thousands of EEA Nationals holding PR or RC will be required to apply again to the Home Office under the EU Settlement Scheme for either the settled status or pre-settled status, free of charge. To benefit from the free service the deadline is set for the 30 June 2021, find out if you qualify, call today.

The following will have the chance to apply for settled status, safeguarding their rights and privileges as long-standing settlers in the UK;

  • Retired EEA Nationals,
  • EEA nationals that have stopped working,
  • Self Employed EEA national no longer working,
  • Widowed EEA Nationals

Theresa May’s Government has agreed that settled EEA Nationals will be allowed to leave the UK for up to a period of 6 months at any given time. They will still be allowed to qualify as settled in the UK.

As long-standing EEA Nationals living in the UK, you will still benefit from

  • work in the UK
  • use the NHS
  • enroll in education or continue studying
  • access public funds such as benefits and pensions, if you’re eligible for them
  • bring family members to the UK after 31 December 2020 – they could also come here on
    a family visa
  • travel in and out of the UK

If you’re an EU citizen you and your family will need to apply for ‘settled status’ to continue living here after June 2021. You’ll need to have started living in the UK before 1 January 2021 to apply to the scheme when it opens.

If you have been refused registration as an EEA National or as a family member of an EEA national recently you may qualify for pre-settled status. Call us today on +44(0)1634 828 288 or click here for more information on settlement in the UK.

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