How to apply for proof that you have not become a British Citizen

The decision as to whether a person qualifies for Citizenship is that of the Border Agency.

The UK Border Agency will make the decision as to whether, on the balance of probabilities, a person making a claim holds British Nationality.

The decision comes in the form of a written opinion contained in either letter or certificate form. If the opinion of the UK Border Agency is that British Nationality is held, then a British Passport may be issued if the status letter/certificate is included with a fully completed passport application and other requirements for the issue of a passport are met. For further advice and assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01634 828288

Whether you have British Nationality is a matter that can be determined conclusively only by the courts. The law on British Nationality is complex, and it is not possible, in this short guide, to list all the circumstances that give rise to a claim to British Nationality or to cover all of the exceptions to the general principles we describe. This guide focuses on British Citizenship. Similar rules apply to the acquisition of the other forms of British Nationality that can be acquired automatically without the need for an application. If your circumstances do not exactly match the guidance and examples given here, you may wish to consult an immigration lawyer or agent. If you use an immigration agent, you should ensure that they are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). The lawyer or agent cannot give you a status letter/certificate acceptable for passport applications.

This guide is not a definitive statement of nationality law and is intended to help those with a clear claim to British Citizenship. Liability cannot be accepted for any action taken on the basis of this guidance. Other information about Citizenship and immigration is available on the UK Border Agency website at This includes information about becoming a British Citizen through naturalisation or registration.

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