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Our regulator OISC and the Home Office hold detailed information about the level of service we supply. This includes advice in specific areas of UK Immigration Law under Level 1 only. Please note that we are a fee charging immigration service.
We charge for:

  • preparing applications,
  • grounds of legal representation,
  • notices under administrative reviews,
  • application document uploading services
  • written advice.

Appointments and consultations start as little as £180 per hour.

Depending on the complexity of your case, application; the fees you pay will be confirmed in writing and fixed, from £700 under £2,000. Any Home Office fee is not included in your legal fees payable to us.

Fees are assessed and fixed upon cases by case basis, depending on the size and turnover if the sponsoring company.

Our fees are comparatively fair, and a true reflection of time dedicated in completing your legal requirements, your fees are payable irrespective of the outcome and therefore non-refundable.

In some cases, we will offer no visa no fee, to discuss this possible option please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can read reviews on work carried out for paid clients.

Email Shabana Shahab your details, date and time for your free 10 minutes advice now!

Contact Shabana Shahab on 01634 789 223 or email on:-

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[email protected] [Emergence] 

Immigration Services

Immigration Services FAQs

UK Immigration Status is regulated by the OISC as Status Solutions UK, and on the Home Office register to give you legal advice on UK Immigration Visas, representations on your behalf to the Home Office. We are not affiliated with any other organisation other than our regulator (OISC) and the Home Office register. You must consider when seeking advice whether the firm is regulated to supply this service.

As your acting Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Consultant – Shabana Shahab is your only appointed advisor working for us. Shabana has over 15 years of experience in UK Immigration and Nationality matters and has been very successful as a practitioner.

This is a person that has years of training and experience in supplying legal advice having worked in either a Solicitors Practise or Legal firm specialising in Immigration Matters. The advisor can only offer this is advice if regulated similarly to a Solicitor regulated by the Law Society or Barristers regulated by the England Bar Council.

We offer 30 minutes free consultation by telephone only.

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