What is a Spouse Visa?

In simple terms this is a visa/leave to remain; a non residence visa for “a married husband or wife or civil partner (same sex)”.

You must apply for this visa from your country, before living with your British partner or settled partner in the United Kingdom.

You may have to sit the English Language Test (commonwealth nationals do not), and in addition supply evidence of a “genuine relationship”.

Meeting the Financial Threshold, as required by law and stated in the The Statement of Changes to Immigration Rules.

The conditions of the Appendix FM, “Income Threshold“,  can be read on your UK Immigration Summary Notes.

You can apply for the  2.5 years family route to the United Kingdom.

You can apply for the 5 years family route to the United Kingdom.

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What does a Spouse Visa look like?


spouse visa sample

What does a Settlement Bio metric Card look like?

Settlement Biometric Card

What is a Marriage Visitor Visa?

Your partner must intend to marry or form a civil partnership, or to give notice of this, in the UK, which can be given except where you have a marriage visit visa endorsed for marriage or civil partnership, to the United Kingdom.

When applying for a marriage or civil partnership visit visa, you must satisfy the Home Office, that you meet the requirements stated in; V 4.2 – V 4.10 .

On arrival in the UK on a marriage visit visa, coming to marry, or form a civil partnership, you will give notice of this, in the UK.

You must have a valid marriage visit visa endorsed on your passport, and the name of the holder’s fiancé(e) or proposed civil partner, is usually stated on the permit.

Once married you will be eligible to apply for leave to remain in the UK as a partner or  where your civil partnership marriage has taken place in the UK.

If you have entered the UK as a visitor under a 6 months visit visa and marry in the UK, the general rule is that you must apply for entry clearance from your country of origin.

The conditions under the Marriage Visitor Visa can be read on the UK Immigration Summary Notes.

The success rate of Marriage Visas are very low, many stories are been reported in the Guardian News :