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Immigration Status UK is an online service website launched by UK immigration law regulated consultants. We are located in Chatham, Kent, within the Medway Towns. The company was set up to provide easier, free and reliable access to UK migration advice. This advice is from a team of regulated consultants. They offer a wealth of experience in providing confidential advice on immigration law and visa applications.

Status Solutions UK has been offering immigration law advice for more than a decade. We differentiate ourself from other migration-related websites by offering UK residency advice and similar subjects. We deliver a more tailored service that matches the advice to the unique situation of every person that submits a query during the phone consultation. Besides providing general migration advice, their highly qualified team puts in the time and effort to analyse each question before providing their expert advice for each individual case.

A Status Solutions UK spokesperson explained: “Our service is designed specially to cater to people who ask a detailed question specific to their circumstances or are looking for general migration advice on how to work or start their life in the UK. Our experts are happy to answer any questions. Please be assured that the answers are from a reputable regulated team that has helped hundreds of migrants looking to live and work in the UK.”

The service provides access to quick, professional consultations over the phone. The experts encourage people to ask questions about any topic related to UK migration, including questions and help with UK Visa applications, citizenship or immigration to the UK and much more. People who are facing uncertainty due to Brexit can also ask their question and get expert advice that will clear up the confusion and provide practical guidance.

The Status Solutions UK spokesperson assured, “We guarantee that we will provide you with an initial free phone consultation and you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. Our agents are waiting to help you seven days a week. With using Status Solutions UK, you get legal migration advice delivered straight to your inbox.”

The team of immigration law experts act for clients in London, England. They are now offering helpful, impartial, expert advice on all areas of the UK towards Immigration and Nationality Law. Status Solutions UK maintains a spotless client satisfaction record.


Status Solutions UK provides a reliable advisory service for those seeking UK migration advice. A team of professionally licensed migration practitioners offer personalised advice.

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