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Assessment of Your case
We will offer you an assessment of your eligibility for Immigration Status in the UK, however, please complete an assessment form or do try to first speak with our leading Adviser who will obtain your basic information and then assess your case for you to understand.

You agree that if you are not satisfied with the service provided to you by Status Solutions UK or if you have a disagreement or complaint with us, you shall not discuss your dispute, grievance, or disappointment in any published form, including but not limited to posting on websites. Should you choose to do so, we will have no alternative but to issue civil proceedings against you, which could result in you incurring further costs in respect of such action. We aim to respond to all written complaints within 28 days of receiving them. All files will be returned to you irrespective of the complaint. Should you require the complaint to be handled urgently, all requests must be in writing with reasons, and a response will be issued to you with 24 hours. We would recommend an email sent to us to save time. Furthermore, if you wish to make a complaint against Status Solutions UK in your case, then you are advised to make a complaint to the Adviser directly in the first instance, or if you are still not satisfied then to the OISC.

Disclaimer and Liability
All proprietary rights in the information received by Status Solutions UK shall remain the property of Status Solutions UK. All forms of communication between public viewers and Status Solutions UK may be recorded to enable us to carry out its responsibilities more proficiently. The use of this service is entirely at the client’s own risk, and our services are provided without warranty. You acknowledge that you have exercised your own skill and knowledge in determining whether the service provided under this specific agreement meet your specific requirements, and you have not relied on any statements or representations made by Status Solutions UK or its employees. Neither Status Solutions UK nor any of its employees, affiliates, agents, content providers or related companies shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or costs (including legal) arising out of use of the service or inability to gain access to or use the service in full or part. The customer hereby acknowledges that the provisions of this section shall apply to the service. By accessing this website, you are confirming that you have understood the terms and conditions.

Terms of Business endorsed by the OISC – Licence 200400202.

Place and hours of business
Status Solutions UK is trading as a limited company. A company registered in England and Wales, Registration number 05283546. Our registered office address is

Status Solutions UK

Office 23 

Innovation Centre Medway (IMC2)

Maidstone Road 



Our office hours are 09.30 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday, although we may make appointments outside of these hours when essential to facilitate your matter or at the discretion of the company or one of its employees.

The allocated Adviser responsible for you
Once the Adviser at Status Solutions UK has taken your instructions and identified and confirmed the advice, you will be informed in writing who will act on your behalf your matter. You will become a client of the Status Solutions UK; your information will, therefore, become confidential and inaccessible to any other company, including the agents at Status Solutions UK. The Adviser, whose details are set out in the Client Care letter, which you will receive from the same, shall be ultimately responsible for the control of all the legal work conducted on your case and ensuring that the case is seen through to completion. The work undertaken will be regulated by the OISC. The Adviser will be responsible for ensuring that all work is completed to the highest standard as required by the OISC. This arrangement shall be construed in accordance with the rules endorsed by the OISC and also monitored by the Adviser, who shall have overall responsibility for your case. This means that the only regulated person responsible for your work shall be the Adviser, and Status Solutions UK shall act merely as agents to facilitate the relationship from time to time.

Charges, Expenses, and Payments
We require you to settle the required and agreed fees for all legal work to be carried out by Status Solutions UK with cleared funds before we can allocate your case to the same. In cases where a part payment plan has been arranged, we may complete a portion of your case on the condition that the full fees will be paid as per the arrangement agreed. Once you have agreed to pay the required fees and further undergone your initial consultation regarding your immigration matter, under no circumstances can these fees be refunded, save at the sole discretion of the Adviser, after the Adviser has confirmed the work undertaken. The work shall be done strictly on a fixed fee basis, which will have been agreed with you before any work is carried out on your matter. It is important for you to note that Status Solutions UK do charge an administrative fee, which is included in the initial fixed legal fee quoted to you. A surcharge of 8% applies on all payments made by card.

From time to time, expenses may be incurred on your behalf, including, but not limited to, photocopying of large volumes of documents, interpreters fees and translation of documents, agent fees, travel and accommodation expenses, and international telephone charges. All Entry Clearance Visa Fees and Home Office Fees must be paid directly to the authorities and do not form as part of our fees. The fees we quote are that for supplying a service to you, e.g. advice, preparing and processing UK Immigration Applications. All UK postage up to recorded delivery level is included in the quoted fees; however, any in-country postage above this level, out of country postage and out of country courier costs are not included, and any such costs will have to be borne by the client.

Payments on Account for Disbursements
It is normal practice to ask clients to make payments on account from time to time. Upon instructions Status Solutions UK will also have to pay expenses for disbursements as they become due. We may request further payments on account of expenses for disbursements as the matter progresses. These amounts will be shown as paid on the final disbursement bill. Please note that disbursements may be payable to third parties. Please also note that in the event that the matter does not proceed to conclusion, you will still need to pay for the disbursements that have arisen. Your consent for the payment of disbursements will be sought before such fees are incurred.

Service Levels
If there is a new update on your visa application or you have a new message from the Administration Team, such as an update on the progress of your legal work by the Adviser, the client will receive an email informing you of any developments. When working on an application with an up-and-coming visa expiry date, it is our policy to have the documents seven working days before the visa expiration date. Should you fail to provide us with ALL of the documents, which your visa specialist has requested of you, the allocated Adviser nor Status Solutions UK will be held liable for any delay this may cause in relation to meeting the deadline of the expiration date of the visa.

Your obligations
You accept that there are obligations that you must adhere to in order to retain use of the service that shall be provided to you by Status Solutions UK. You agree that these obligations are as set out hereunder; non-compliance with the same may result in the work commencing rescinding this agreement with all deposited monies being retained. Upon transfer of your instructions and having received your consultation, you will be furnished with their associated Terms of Business. You will have a period of 7 working days in which to accept the said Terms of Business and accompanying Client Care Letter within which your instructions will be conveyed. At times the period under which you must accept the terms may be less owing to the urgency of your matter. Following your acceptance of the firm’s Terms of Business, you will be provided with a list of documents required in support of your application. You can send these via email or recorded delivery. The only exception to this rule would be in accordance with any qualifying periods in relation to your visa or any proposals that are made with a view to extending this deadline. If Status Solutions UK are provided with documents and information that is the product of deception or acquired by means of falsification, we will cancel your matter with immediate effect in accordance with our professional legal duties. In cases where a payment has been taken in part, such an arrangement has been undertaken in good faith and non-payment of the remaining fee will result in the closure of your file. Upon completing the work, you must pay the outstanding balance on your account within five working days. All payments received from you as the client are held in our client account until such time either a part or the entire work is complete.

Your right to cancel your contract
You have the right to cancel your contract within a seven-day period after making payment. If within these seven days you undergo your consultation with our Adviser, your right to cancel becomes null and void, and we reserve the right to charge you £250.00 for our administration cost, plus fees for work completed before the withdrawal. Any remaining fees held will be refunded to you as the client.

Change in Immigration Law
Please note that we shall not be held liable if the law on immigration regarding your matter changes subsequent to your matter being initiated. The Adviser shall endeavour to advise you of any law changes as soon as they are made aware of the same. However, a change in the law brought into force once your application has been completed will not render us or those that we instruct liable for any refusal which you may receive as a result. As soon as you have had your initial consultation with the Adviser and your application has proceeded to be completed, we will not be held responsible for any delays caused by you in providing us with the necessary documents to support your application. Furthermore, we will not be held liable if a refusal arises from the Home Office or other adjudicating body. Under these terms, please note that your matter will be deemed to be completed upon lodging the application to the adjudicating body.

By confirming your acceptance of these terms, as were verbally conveyed to you when making payment and further evident on your payment receipt, you are legally bound to the same. Your acceptance is deemed at this stage to be in addition to the legal disclaimer that upon assignment of your instructions to the allocated legal professional(s) shall remain constant. You will be in receipt of additional terms directly related to the services provided by the assigned Adviser; these terms are construed with those of Status Solutions UK, and your acceptance of these will be in accordance with their policies.

Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales, and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales accordingly. We aim to continuously review the standard of service offered to you by Status Solutions UK in order to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We would, therefore, appreciate any comments and suggestions on how we could improve our service to you.

Employee Management System
As an ongoing client of Status Solutions UK, you can be granted access to our unique Employee Management System. This access will be denied at any stage that you cease being an “Ongoing” client of Status Solutions UK. Any agreed access to the Employee Management System will be limited to an initial six-month time period unless otherwise stated. Access to the Employee Management System is via a Secure Network. Login details will be disclosed to the Authorising Officer only. Should you wish for others to gain access to the Employee Management System, you must inform Status Solutions UK. You will be in breech of the Terms of use of the Employee Management System if you are found to have disclosed your User ID and Password to any person not approved in writing by Status Solutions UK. You are advised that it is your responsibility to ensure you check the Employee Management System Terms of Use on a regular basis.

We offer no such terms, we imply no such agreements, as a client you have contracted us to represent you at the Home Office, on this basis. Upon receiving information from our advisor, and reading any information supplied on this website, you have understood that no such condition has been offered.

Status Solutions UK is regulated by the OISC only. It is not a firm of solicitors, you may note that the search engines used may from time to time list our company under the tag of solicitors, please note that this is not a misleading exercise, but purely a marketing tool because UK Immigration Services & Advice is a “Legal Service”.

Immigration Status website
immigrationstatus.co.uk is owned by Status Solutions UK Limited regulated by the OISC Licence F200400202. Reference to Immigration Status UK throughout our website is purely for marketing purposes and does not in any way intend to mislead or misrepresent clients, as to our position as Status Solutions UK Limited.

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